Wadelyn Ranch Distilling, LLC

 Premium Corn Whiskey

Our Family Tradition of Whisky


Way back in the 1700’s my great-great-great grandfather Thomas Stevens, an English pioneer, met my great-great-great grandmother Martha Ferrell, a Cherokee Indian, on his way from North Carolina to Kentucky.   Martha's side of the family brought the first key ingredient for whisky – corn.


The art of making whisky was handed down to their son Andrew J. Stevens, who started making whisky in the mountains along the VA and KY border.   Andrew had a son named Robert Lee Stevens that he trained in the fine art of making whisky.  Robert carried on the tradition even though prohibition in the 1920’s tried to stop him. He was eventually caught and did a little time for his art.


Even through the prohibition era, Robert passed the tradition on to my grandfather and grandmother, and so on.   I learned the family recipe early in life from my grandfather and father who taught me the fine art of making the good stuff .


In my youth I worked on the farm and helped my father make whisky the old fashioned way, just like my forefathers. I left the farm fields in the 1990’s for college and a career, which consumed much of the first half of my life.   In making plans for the second half of life, my wife and I decided I should do something that I enjoyed and did well. Making fine liquor seemed the perfect choice.


Julie and I started the distillery on our family farm in July of 2013, blending new technology with the recipes and processes that have been handed down through my family. Today we make only the finest whisky in the old family tradition.


The mash we use is still made from hand selected grains and corn that is grown here on our farm and locally.   The grains are mixed in small batches and fermented in stone tanks until they produce the beer that is ready to be distilled.

The resulting elixir rests in the tempering tank until it is ready to sleep in fine charred oak barrels until it has aged.   We then bottle, label, and pack it by hand right here on our family farm.


Each bottle continues the journey from the seed we planted to the shelf and then to you. The Family Tradition Lives on!

 My Great Grandfather