Wadelyn Ranch Distilling, LLC

 Premium Corn Whiskey

Who We Are

 Wadelyn Ranch Distilling has one goal, to create the finest whisky on the market.  Being a third generation distiller and starting from old family recipes, we are blending the history with modern distilling techniques.  We aim to create the best moonshine whisky that you have ever tasted.  Just as vintners create fine wines through their craft, we make our whisky one barrel at a time.  This is a farm to table process, starting right here with locally grown corn. We are preserving our heritage of the working family farm, from the seed to the shelf. At Wadelyn Ranch Distilling, we are focused on quality and taste – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Tom is a third generation distiller with experience and a discerning palate. We both have been farm raised and appreciate the work and dedication that farmers commit to in order to feed us all. That's why we are committed to locally sourced farm products and utilizing our by-products (distillers grain) right here on the farm. Nothing goes to waste. We look forward to hosting visitors right here on the farm to appreciate our beautiful Clydesdale horses and lush green pastures.